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Single Wide Mobile Homes

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Available Single Wide Models
Remember, any of these plans can be modified to your specifications!

Model: 02 CAVALIER HOMES "2463MARA" 16X82 3BED/2BATH  See Full Details
Model: 03 CAVALIER HOMES "2465MARA" 16X82 3BED/2BATH  See Full Details
Model: 04 CLAYTON HOMES "THE SUPER VALUE" 16X80 3BED/2BATH  See Full Details
Model: 05 SOUTHERN HOMES "THE FINCH" 16X80 3BED/2BATH  See Full Details
Model: 06 CLATYON HOMES "THE REVOLUTION" 16X80 3 BBED/2BATH  See Full Details
Model: 07 SOUTHERN HOMES "THE PARKSIDE" 16X80 3BED/2BATH  See Full Details
Model: 20 CLAYTON BONHAM "THE ADMIRAL" 18X84 3BED/2BATH  See Full Details



Greg Tilley's single wide mobile homes are single-section homes ranging from 1,100 SF to 1,500 SF. Our single wide mobile homes offer a fast and affordable way of getting your dream home without losing the quality of construction. Even with the slightly reduced dimensions when compared to double wide mobile homes, single wide mobile homes still offer plenty of space for families or anyone looking to live on their own. Many of our single wide homes offer two to three bedrooms to provide all the space you need!

Like most of our homes, our single wide mobile homes are customizable and can feature a number of amenities including media centers, office spaces, spa bathrooms, large master bedrooms with walk-in closets, wood-burning fireplaces, mud rooms, and more. Our single wide standard features include name brand appliances and have full tape and textured homes available. We can also customize lighting, tile, and floor coverings to your preference. These sunny and expansive single wide mobile homes are a wonderful place to live.

At Greg Tilley's we know you won't be disappointed with your single wide home ! All of our mobile home floor plans offer the perfect balance between community space where everyone can enjoy family time and privacy in offices and individual bedrooms. In buying a single wide mobile home, you don't have to compromise on quality or luxury. Contact Greg Tilley's today and find out what you are missing.

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